We're talking about my pet here and I don't even know you. How can I trust you?

I've been working in animal rescue, beginning as a volunteer, since 2006. That's 13 years of experience working with pets, because I want to, because it's what I love doing and it's my life's calling.

Along with so many years of experience come a lot of references. -I'm glad to provide an extensive reference list upon request.

Lastly, I agree it's challenging to trust someone without even knowing them, which is why I embrace the opportunity to meet you and your fur and/or feather babies!

This sounds like a great idea and all but I don't have money to spend on making a plan for my pet for when I die.

"Bequeath" means to leave something to someone in a will.

With The Dog, Cat or Bird plan you'd bequeath your pet(s) to The Paw and Feather Plan (me).

You pay nothing up front.

Your probate or estate planning attorney works out those financial end-of-life planning details with you.

A probate attorney could also assist in creating a pet trust for you. This is a legally-binding document that would designate us to care for your pet when you're no longer able to provide care for your pet due to a mental or physical decline, or death. 

How is this different from leaving a legacy gift to a no-kill-pet-shelter in exchange for a guarantee my pet will be adopted out by that shelter?

Great question!

Some no-kill animal shelters do offer this service: you agree to leave them x amount of money or be a lifelong member of their organization and they agree to take in your pet when you die, and find it a loving home ( known as an adoption-guarantee-intake).

When your pet's surrendered to a shelter, it will almost definitely be placed in a cage or kennel. If it's lucky it will get out and/or be socialized 3 times/daily.

Being surrendered to a shelter, even the best of shelters, is extremely traumatic for a pet. I know firsthand because I've worked and volunteered in shelters.

The Paw Plan is different since one of the primary reasons we exist is to keep pets out of shelters and in loving homes. With our cat, bird and dog plan, your pet will be picked up within 24 hours' of notice and taken immediately into a vetted foster home, or potentially straight into its permanent adopter's home... or potentially it will live out the remainder of its life in your home with a designated care-giver, if that's what you so desire and provisions are made!

I or someone I know is very ill and can no longer care for his pet. We may need someone temporarily or permanently to take in the pet. Does your business help with that too?

Yes. The Paw and Feather Plans deals well with uncertainty.

As a veteran pet foster care giver and pet sitter, I'm comfortable having a pet in our home for a set time, then giving it back to the owner- or finding it a permanent home if need be.

Although this would be treated like a pet sitting service (different from the 'plans' we offer), provided the owner would one day take the pet back. To pet sit I charge $25-$30/night on average.

I get all of this, kind of, but, if something happens​ to me... who will get my pet? You or someone else?

I personally will show up when needed and take your pet with me to my home (unless we have other arrangements set up in advance for your pet).  

I personally will foster and place your pet in a loving, vetted home.

If you live out of state from me at the time of your death or illness there's a chance I'd place your pet in a local (to your city) foster home.

However I'd still be the one to show up at your home on your pet's behalf upon receiving notice of the need.

If you choose to reach out and meet in person, we'll cover this in much greater detail and I'll be able to address any questions or concerns.

I'm considering a pet trust for​ my pet. Does the Paw and Feather Plan work with trusts?

Yes. Trusts are great since they allow you to make a plan for your pet, and set aside funds to provide care for your pet for the entirety of its life. Unlike wills, trusts can go into effect while you're still living (if you were to fall very ill or disabled for example).  Also trusts don't get caught up as much in the probate process and there's a lot of oversight since there's a trustee and a caregiver assigned.  An attorney would need to help you establish a pet trust. -I do know some excellent attorneys that work in this field.

I'd like to include my pet in my will but, I'm younger than you. So... what if I'm around longer than you?!

Good point! This is a family business. My 5 year son is already a great dog, cat and bird handler. He loves helping out with all our foster and pet sitting guests. -He will inherit this business. You can meet him if you like! 

I also have foster parent and boarding team members in several states across the country that are younger than me! 

This service, this business, is meant to last for generations to come, for whoever needs it.